Sunday, October 15, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 15: Continuing the Journey

 Another blog post in on time, though less progress then I would have liked.  Turns out I had used up all my primer previously and hadn't realized till I tired to prime this weeks models.  So anyways I still managed to get the stuff assembled last week mostly done this week.  That's 4 Beastmen Renegades and the Inquisitor and retinue for my Armies on Parade board.  That just leaves the board itself to finish and I managed to get that primed, and the texture paint applied.  So over all short post these week but the task is almost wrapped up.

As yo next week, we sold just about everything at the Gamer's Garage Sale that left us with $369 in credit.  Since I had sold about 56 models I had little qualms about using the credit to pick up a box of Grey Knight Terminators and a Brother Captain Stern to finish out my Grey Knights for the upcoming Team tournament, this weeks progress will be mostly geared towards the Terminators and finishing up the board.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 14: Journey to Armies on Parade.

So not a huge amount of progress this week, I finished Guilliman, and started working on my entry for Armies on Parade. Guilliman was a blast to paint and I am very proud of him, the gentlemen that commissioned me was ecstatic about his, as he did not expect the model to that quality when he asked for it to be done (not sure why.)

 I will be showing my Renegades and Heretics Army which is made up of converted Beastmen models from the old Fantasy range.  I lucked out and the GW store in Columbia still had one tile left from the classic Realm of Battle board.  The plan has changed a little over the week.  The current version is a wrecked Rhino with an Inquisitor and henchmen standing down the Renegades as they circle their prey.  As far as using up portions of my Mountain I am knocking out half a Rhino (only got one of the sprues of the two to complete the kit in a bits lot,) the last of my Dark Vengeance cultist champions with coat, and some assorted bits for the henchman and body.  I also am putting together four more Ungor Renegades to bring my force more inline with the Army options for the current rules.  I still have about 50 more Ungor waiting on the next revision to the Renegades and Heretics list form Forgeworld or if a miracle happens a Renegade Guard book from GW.

This week will mostly be working on my entry.  Putting paint on the minis and board and maybe getting the last Leman Russ for the Army knocked out as well (its currently sitting in Totally Awesome.)  I also have a Team Tournament coming up with my Grey Knights and will need to knock out one of my other back logged Rhinos into a Razorback and maybe acquire another unit of Terminators and Bother Captain Stern to field them as a Battalion.  On that front and it will be a gray area with the Jokers, my wife and I submitted a lot of stuff for a Gamer's Garage Sale at the FLGS in Columbia.  Since you get what you sold as store Credit and I will be trading out more minis then what I will be getting back in return.  I do have 2 Jokers still but not sure if I want to use both to enter a tourney or maybe rework the list with something else.  Until next week Happy Hobbying all.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 13: Characters and Commissions and a Mid challenge assessment.

Greetings all, here is this weeks update.  I finished the Primaris Marines, completing all of the models in my Dark Imperium set and marking the 1st time since 2nd Ed. Warhammer 40K that I have painted all the models in a starter set.  Over all I ma very happy with the look of the army so far, though I will be taking a much needed break from blue after next week.  I have been doing all the insignia on these models free hand to help better hone those skills.  I must say I am getting much better at painting the upside down Omega of the Ultramarines as well as skulls.

Upon finishing The Interceptors, Captain, and Lieutenants I started working on the last of the Boys in Blue for a little while, and also took on a commission.  I don't do many, but i have in the last few years started taking some here and there to help fund my Hobby.  It seemed like a perfect time to take this one, since I was already painting the model anyways.  So here are the WIP pictures of my Roboute Guilliman alongside his clone.  I have left the heads out to allow swapping from bare/helmeted head since they friction fit in very well.  He is an awesome and elaborate model and I am having a lot of fun painting him up.  I know Ultramarines and Guilliman especially get a bad wrap among 40k fans but I have always been a fan of the boy scout characters like him (Cyclops was always my favorite X-Men.)  I am hoping to have him done this coming week alongside the commission and then it will be on to my Armies on Parade Entry for this year. 

While saving the pictures for this weeks posting I realized that this is the halfway point of this challenge.  So I am going to review what I have accomplished in these last 3 months.  First off 139 miniatures are painted.  I have used four Jokers and Earned four Jokers.  I have completed three of the four Jokers I have bought.  I have painted two complete Games Workshop Start Collecting boxes and finished all the models I owned for Malifaux. Overall if I did not finish another model during this challenge I would consider it a Success.  With what I have planned fro my Armies on Parade entry I should be able to consolidate my Space Marines and what I have left of IG into a single file box.  This would drop the number of file boxes from Six when I moved here down to three.  I hope everyone else is having as much success reducing their Mountain and I am loving the posts  on Facebook of everyone's WIP.  Until next week Happy Hobbying all!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 12: Endurance Painting is a thing.

So greetings all this will be my 2nd post in a row that is on time let's hope this continues.  So this week I did not make as much progress on my mountain but I did get a significant amount of painting done.  Friday night was the date of the FLGS Iron Painter challenge.  Each contestant had 24 hours (6PM-6PM) to paint a GW start collecting box.  I chose Daemons of Nurgle to allow me to play a 1000 point Battalion of Chaos Daemons (it is the only Daemon box that contains two troops) when combined with the Daemons of Tzeentch box I painted for the Konor Campaign.  It was a very interesting experience.  I managed to finish mine in 16 hours.  I was one of only two contestants to finish their box completely.  I unfortunately lost to one of those that had not finished because the guy gimmick-ed his army up to check off the boxes in the judging rubric.  The last picture is the army that one please not the weathering powder on the boot of the Commissar you having seen the army in person those 3 are by far the best models in the lot.  he missed highlights and had paint cross over across piece on msot of the models but he had some free hand Icons and had converted a Taurox with one of the 3rd party kits.  To be honest I am a little bitter there were other Armies there that I would not have minded to lose too but that was not one of them.  I might be tempted to do it again but we will have to see.

On the older(ish) models I finished the Hellblasters and made some progress on the last six models of the Dark Imperium set.  The edge highlighting on the blue is very tedious to complete but I am very happy with final product.  Next week will continue with the Ultramarines finishing the 6 and Roboute Guilliman from the Rise of the Primarch Box.

I have definitely noticed the increase of motivation I get from seeing what others are doing on the challenge.  The times I did my best during the Iron Painter as also when I was working next to some one else and seeing there progress defiantly drove me on.  So to all the others doing the 6MMRC thank you for helping push me to keep going.  Until next week Happy Hobbying!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 11: Back to the posting.

So I am back on my timeline for posts (at least for this week.)  Progress was a bit slow, most of the evenings have been taken up with storm recovery.   Also this was a new paint scheme on new models.  All of that said about 1/3 of the Primaris half of Dark Imperium is now complete.  I am very happy with how they turned out.  All the Icons/Squad markings are free hand which while these are a bit rough in parts I am still very happy with.  I have the the Hellblasters partly done as well.

This coming week will see me participating in a Painting challenge at a FLGS.  They are holding an Iron Painter Challenge with their one year anniversary.  It will consist of painting a  Start Collecting Box in 24 hours while in the store.  I have chosen the Nurgle Daemons box to add to my Chaos forces, though it was a close call with Mechanicum.  I am hoping to have my Dark Imperium Box finished by then as well.  The winner gets the price fo a start collecting box in store credit.  My (probably ambitious) goal is to take pictures by the hour as I complete my entry, then post one big write up.  Anyways following the others in the challenge is defiantly helping to keep me going.  Until next week Happy Hobbying all.

Monday, September 11, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Weeks 7-10: On Progress and Posts

So long time since I posted, but I have been keeping fairly steady progress with the exception of Week 7. So lets break it down week by week.

Week 7 saw no finished models.  I got the first 2 layers completed on the Paladins and Voldus and then all painting ceased.  The Honey Do list took precedence over painting for a couple of my last days of leave and then the final few were packed with last minute family events.

Week 8 saw the completion of the the Grey Knight models and a Space Marine Librarian on Tuesday in time to get the painting points for the Psykers of week 4 of the Konor Campaign it also saw the start of my Space Marine Bike squad, but more on those in a bit.  In the process of painting Voldus I decided I didn't much care for the green and cream paint scheme on my previous Grey Knights.  So slowly I have been repainting the others to match Voldus and the Paladins The new scheme is dark red and cream.  It is just enough different to my Space Marines and looks my "Grey Knighty" then the green did. I also finished up the 2nd Land Raider Crusader for my Space Marines since it was almost finished from week 3 of the Konor Campaign.

Week 9 was painful and while models were completed it was mainly because I had a 12 hour over night shift at work that allowed me to bring in my models and get some painting done with no distractions.  The main reason for my lack of motivation were the models themselves.  These were all part of a large lot of bikes I picked up off eBay.  I grabbed what I thought were 18 good bikes and three attack bikes.  None of them were good and I constantly found modeling issues that necessitated breaking off parts, replacing them, spot priming with Gesso and then repainted to the level of the rest of the model. Even with all that work I am largely unsatisfied with the final product. Also I have yet to locate my Bolter barrel drill bit.  Though as of Saturday's Hurricane prep I think I may have found the pin vise that had all the spares in it.  So two squads of bikes completed and one started, also it has driven hoem the desire to just sell the other 18 Bikes and Attack Bike from that lot instead of buidlign the entire 2nd Company with the Bikes Replacing Tactical squads.  If I do complete 2nd Company the rest will be a traditional Demi Company.

Week 10 was much more productive over all getting three projects completed.  First up was the last squad of Bikes, also on Memorial day I got some Airbrush work done on the Shadow War terrain and a set of Promethium Relays , I even had a helper.

The terrain went quick and I am very happy with the results.  I also managed to start and finish something not Warhammer.  I have always been interested in Malifuax and it was a very close thing between Warmahordes, Bolt Action and it when I was looking for games to move too after I slowed down playing 40k and sold off my Fantasy after Age of Sigmar.  Since the local group has been talking about trying it out I picked up a Rasputina Crew off eBay before the challenge.  I had also picked up a Blessed of December and Snowstorm form my old Hobby Shops going out of business sale.  I broke out my Basius 2 pads to add some texture to the bases since I wanted a Victorian Urban look to the bases.   Overall I am very happy with the results and actually feel renewed now to work on other projects.   

 So that is the progress, now on to posting and a bit of an explanation/rant.  It came to my awareness that most of my issues with getting posts out on time all stem form one source, my wife.  See every time I run a challenge my wife tries to do something similar with her crafting projects.  So far she is 0-3 for finishing her challenges. She has a lot of steam at the start but it peters out quickly.  How does this affect me and my posts.  Posts are actually the hardest part of doing the challenges for me.  We do not have a spot to leave the photo box set up or even all that many surfaces to place it on.  About the week she peters out all of those surfaces end up covered with per projects.  In the past I have managed to clear space on the floor and get the pictures this time the photo box itself was buried the project she stalled on, organizing the craft room.  In addition we only have one computer, so when she is going good we each knock out our posts and everything is grand.  When she doesn't have a post I have more difficulty getting the computer to do mine.  So what does all this mean to you the readers (what few of you there are right now.) Well I finally talked to her about it and we have come to an understanding this hopefully means fewer weeks smashed into one post.

Well that's all for this rather lengthy update Happy Hobbying all.

Monday, August 14, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 6: Projects on the Go.

So even with two trips out of town I still managed to get some stuff done.  I finished the Cyclone Missile Launcher Termies to finish out the squad of 10,  I also knocked out a Sergeant, Assault Cannon and one more Termie to finish out a squad of five. 

I also managed to get my Land Speeders striped down, rebuilt and painted as well assembling the one I got with the Ravenwing squadron box I used to do the Command squad.  I also got another 10 Terminators, and two land raiders base coated. to try and knock out before this Wednesday.

I have hopes to knock out a couple more units this week while I am still on Leave.  Next weeks Konor units are Psykers so I am going to see what I can knock out, I have a Voldus, some left over Grey Knight Terminators and a Magi Librarian to try to prime up and get started.