Monday, August 14, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 6: Projects on the Go.

So even with two trips out of town I still managed to get some stuff done.  I finished the Cyclone Missile Launcher Termies to finish out the squad of 10,  I also knocked out a Sergeant, Assault Cannon and one more Termie to finish out a squad of five. 

I also managed to get my Land Speeders striped down, rebuilt and painted as well assembling the one I got with the Ravenwing squadron box I used to do the Command squad.  I also got another 10 Terminators, and two land raiders base coated. to try and knock out before this Wednesday.

I have hopes to knock out a couple more units this week while I am still on Leave.  Next weeks Konor units are Psykers so I am going to see what I can knock out, I have a Voldus, some left over Grey Knight Terminators and a Magi Librarian to try to prime up and get started.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

6MMRC Week 5: The Mountain is Crumbling Slowly.

So Bam another week down.  I managed to get all the stuff I primed and airbrushed mostly done this week.  I still need to do the bases on he Terminators and forgot to put the Dreadnaught in the picture but he is done. Also I am getting a little bit better at working the new camera at least with the light box.  I don't have any in progress shots this week, I didn't get much assembly done.  This weeks goal is two Land Raider Crusaders, another Dreadnaught with Autocannon Conversion, and a Land Speeder. 

So this will be a rough week for progress, as I am taking some vacation time and this week is very busy.  Next week I will have some more free time and hope to catch up then.  That's all for now and Happy Hobbying.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 4: Keep Rolling rolling rolling...

So very successful week,  I completed the "Start Collecting" box of Tzeentch Daemons.  So that's 21 Models down.  Sorry for the Crappy photo, I thought I had the focus adjusted right but was just a little off and if I know if I wait to take another one that is in better focus I will miss my post.   I got my first game with them in today as well, we had a combination Fate of Kanor/Charity for a local gamers funeral expenses tourney today.  I finished dead last but mostly because of the Craziness of the Tourney.  You could donate funds to earn different advantages.  I had one player that had Added 500 points to his 1000 point list and another that combined Slannesh Daemons with Eldar.  It was still a good event and the money went to a good cause.


Now on to the stuff I got ready for next week, which for the fate of Kanor is Elites choices.  First u[p was the Bike Command Squad I started when I was on Temporary Duty in Guam back in oh about 2011.  So six years later I have finally finished the last 3 member of the squad, the Ancient, and the 2 veterans(previously planned as 2 Melta gunners but in 8th I can only do one and the other is a Sergeant now with a Power Fist.)  I also assembled ten of my AoBR Terminators and a Dreadnaught.  If I manage to get all of this done by next Wednesday that will give me 7 points towards the Campaign. 
After I got done with the tourney my Daughter had wanted to play in her pool, since I had to get the Air compressor out anyways and then needed to stay with her while she played I decided to prime and airbrush the first layer of them.  I broke my bottle of paint and it was at the end anyways so I primed up and painted the 2nd Whirlwind form the Suppression force I have had for about as long as the bike squad.  Lets see how much I can get done on them this week.

Until next week Happy Hobbying.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

6MMRC Week 3: Change is coming...

So This was a very productive week for me. I finished the World Eater Squad and the last 3 primed cultists.  As of right now all 50 of my cultists painted (lets just leave out that some of them may need to be repainted.)  This is also a Milestone as I am now done with all of my World Eater infantry.  I may eventually add another Defiler and Hellbrute to the Army and I have custom built Hellbrute that may turn into a Mauler/Forgefiend if I can find a good deal on Dune Crawler legs but those projects are all way down the line.  The army is playable as is using two battalion detachments.

Since I am still waiting on some Macragge Blue spray to come in I decided to tackle another project that I have had for a little while and drug out my Shadow War Armageddon Terrain.  I have two sets of this and started assembling some the night I got it.  I had plans when I only had one set of magnetizing these. Now that I have 2 and looking at my time realistically this will never happen.  So I finished assembling them about they way the laid them out in the booklet.  Eventually I will assemble the other set differently.  I even managed to get a little paint on them.   I am putting off the finishing touches of these for a couple of weeks though because...

Fate of Konor rules dropped and the painting challenge stuff has been listed.  So for the next 6 weeks this stuff will be my main focus.  I did not have a "Start Collecting" box so I ended up using a Joker.  I decided to add some Daemon's because other then an old metal Blood Thrister and some Flesh hounds I don't currently have any.  Since they now have all 4 gods as a "Start Collecting" boxes we took a trip to the GW store next town over.  Taking a step back, I have been letting my daughter join in on the modeling and painting, (in fact she helped airbrush some of the Shadow War terrain.) I have been trying to more ways to keep her interested from us doing simple games of who roles the highest number and they win games, and she ahs some old Heroquest minis and some Battle for Skull Pass Night goblins she has painted.  So I lined up the 4 boxes and let her pick which ones would join my Chaos army. 

The guy at the store thought that was great and took the pictures and posted them on their Facebook page.  Once I got home she even helped assemble them by picking the parts to make up each model.  So they are now assembled and they will be up for painting this week.

Overall it has been a very productive week and hopefully I can keep the motivation going to get through this week at least.  Till next week Happy Hobbying.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 2: The Ball is Rolling

So Week 2 got a little more done then week 1.  I finished the last of my primed cultists and Also got my Valkia conversion painted up.  I am very happy with the cultists and that will now give me 20 painted to a level to match the rest of my Chaos forces.  I am still on the fence on what to do with the rest of them, I was hoping to work out a trade with the local community, 1-1 swap of one of the painted cultists for an unpainted one but no one wants to trade it seems. 
The Valkia project was one I had come to mind when I first saw that model. She reminded me of a Sister of Battle Seraphim but corrupted.  So her fluff in Voranicus' Cohort of the Undying is that she was captured during a battle and forced to fight in the gladiatorial arena's of Voranicus' domain.  There the corruption and then blessing of Khorne slowly turned her into one of the Champions of Voranicus' host, she now treads into battle beside the mighty Daemon prince revealing in the blood lust of Khorne.

On the assembly front I assembled the last 3 Cultist models I had.  I also got the last infantry squad for my World Eaters host assembled.  I had traded some AoBR Orks and a spare truck to a local guy for 16 Beserkers and 10 Raptors.  I had already finished 8 of the Beserkers converted to CSM with some simple arm swaps so this finishes out that set.  I even managed to get a little paint started on the World Eaters after I finished Valkia.

Next weeks goal is to finish the models I assembled this week and, if one of the FLGS has managed to get in some Macragae Blue, assemble and prime the Pirmaris Half of the Dark Imperium box.  Until next week Happy Hobbying all.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 1 Progress

So I am joining in on this years 6MMRC.  I have had much success reducing my Mountain using the last few challenges and hope to do the same this time around.  Progress this week was slow but I managed to finish 4 Primed Cultists and 2 repaints of some cultists I had done during the last years 3MMRC.  I also assembled and did some minor conv3e4rsion work on a new Chaos Lord with Jump Pack for my World Eaters.  I am hoping to get some more stuff done next week, I have the Primaris half of the Dark Imperium set that I am waiting on some Macragge Blue spray to start on, but all the local stores are sold out. I would love to knock out the Lord and my last unit of World Eater Marines to finish that Army out next week, I also found the other 5 cultist for the Autogun squad while looking for something else.

Here they are with our new Camera though with out he light box so lighting kind of sucks.

I also knocked out a commission for a buddy of mine.  So I was busy Hobbying just not all on my Mountain.
Happy hobbying all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Starting the New Year off.

So Since I got back I have been hard at work getting some painting and terrain done.  The painting I have pics of the Terrain will have to wait.  So to start off the Journeyman League I wanted to knock out a couple more of the Battle Box sets that I had on hand. Mainly Cryx and Trollbloods.  They turned out wonderfully and I must say that I am VERY pleased with the Trolls.  I think they may be my favorite models of those painted in the last two weeks.  I tried my hand at Plaid on some of the cloths and the pattern was fairly simple and I think clearly conveys a tartan like scheme.

I traded off some Warhammer stuff that I didn't need and got some Warmachine/Hordes stuff in return.  On of these was First Mate Hawk.  I already had a Phineas Shae and also received a Khador Wardog for Christmas.  These were the next three I painted.  I am pretty happy with how they turned out, close enough to the artwork but just slightly different.

Lastly I knocked out another set of Cryx models the Witch Coven of Garlghast.  These were a quick set using pretty simple color schemes and they mesh well with my other Cryx models.  The unit looks fun and I may branch into Cryx some more for league play, but beyond that its mainly another set of characters for my IKRPG game.  

Currently on my tray and started are a Widowmaker Marksman, a Storm Troll, and a Night Troll.  Hoping to have them finished up by this weekend and maybe move on to some more Khador stuff.  Happy Painting all.