Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Orks, for the first time in almost 10 years I have finished some of my Orks.  In the last three weeks I have completed 1/2 of the reaming Grots as well as my Big Gunz crew and the last Trukk Boy mob of my Evils Sunz tribe.  The the biggest hang up I have had was that I started the Orks under the old citadel range and several of the colors did not match.  Though using some different techniques I think I have managed to come close enough it won't be noticeable.  I have the Trukk left for this mob, three Nob Bikerz, and a Big Mek on bike with Kustom force field to finish up the force at least until the new codex drops but I think even then I am pretty much done with this faction.  Doing the math I have close to 10000 points and I think that is sufficient.  I want to knock out the last of the stuff for the Evil Sunz in the next couple of weeks and then move on to other things. Until then Happy Hobbying.

Comparison between old paints and new.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Two Down Countless More to Go.

Brief post but doing it just to get another one out there and try to make them more regular. So this week I finished up my Triumvirate of the Imperium by completing Celestine and retinue and Inquisitor Greyfax.   Last week I focused on finishing my Storm Raven gunship.  Overall this was inspiring progress for me and I am very happy with the finished projects.  I also knocked out he last two Interceptors for the Primaris portion of my Ultramarines, which leaves 10 Pox Walkers and a converted Nurgle Chaos Lord for my Black Legion to finish out my Know No Fear box.  (Sorry for crappy picture of the Triumvirate)

Next project is to finish some of  my much neglected Orks.  First batch is a large number of Grots. Specifically its one fo the 2 boxes of he normal ones and nine more cobbled together Grots (spare models form other Ork kits and Gnoblars) to man my Big Gunz.  After that I have some 'Ard Boyz for my Goffs and a Trukk Mob and some Nob Bikerz for my Evil Suns.  Getting through these will definitely take some of the regret I have for purchasing new models when I still have unfinished stuff as these projects have been in the queue the longest (since GW changed their paint line which forced me to reformulate my paint schemes).  Until Next time Happy Hobbying!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Back in the saddle again (Maybe)

So its been quite awhile since my last post,  I hit a huge wall towards the end of the last 6MMRC when I took a couple of commissions for Christmas, and one following the new year.  I have managed to paint some of my mountain of miniatures but have added more to it then I have completed in the last several months.  There is another 6MMRC going on and my hats off to those working towards it but alas I am just now trig to get back the motivation to paint regularly again. I did manage 1 major thing off my mountain, mainly my Cities of Death terrain purchased in 2006.

This was a huge weight off my conscience.  I assembled 2-3 building myself back in 2007 but was overwhelmed by it then.  In 2008 an event organizer in El Paso asked if he assembled them if he could use them for tournaments while I was stationed there and I agreed.  In 2010 I painted up three of the buildings but was never quite happy with the look.  I decided to run a Narrative 40K game at Siege of Augusta and decided that I would finish the buildings for that.  The narrative game also ran into the trouble of not having anything to play on so the family got together and did a huge felt/paint/sand gaming mat so we now own a 6' X 12' asphalt gaming mat.

I built some special characters for the event though I don't seem to have any pictures of them at the moment I think they may be somewhere in my local groups Facebook page.  Overall the event when pretty good we had two Imperial players and 3 Chaos Players for about 9000 points on each side.  IT ended up being a close game basically decided on a -1 die modifier giving Chaos a victory.  

Most recently I have been working on some 30K Imperial fists and some more commissions.  I have been lovign the Imperial Fists as the make a very striking army in yellow and black.  I have pretty much all the models I need for the force with a few exceptions mostly Rhinos and the shields to field some Breachers.  The commissions lately have mostly been single models as the wight of knocking out two armies on commission (one Dark Imperium Death Guard set, and about 2000+ points of Imperial Guard) definitely brought me towards burn out.  

I managed to finish up five Plague Marines of mine as I worked on Typhus.  The last two weeks I have been working on Cypher, five Fallen and Eisenhorn.  These models have been my attempt to get back into things a little more.  Cypher marks me finishing the last of my Rise of the Primarch Box and the Fallen are made using some Dark Angel Veterans I picked up quite awhile ago for an idea that I decided against for my own Space Marine Chapter.  

So I don't know what the road ahead is I want to finish up my Necromunda set and I am also clsoe to finishing the Know No Fear box I have as well and I think as far as completing projects of of thsoe might be where I go but I will make the decision tonight and see form there.  Until next post Happy Hobbying.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Weeks 20-21: Quality Time and New Acquisitions.

So another double week post, but with some progress.  I have finished my 2nd Set of Shadow War Armageddon Terrain, assembled a complete building as a test piece for my Cities of Death stuff, completed the last pending commission, and assembled a House Escher Gang for the new Necromunda.

So last week was some slow progress mainly because those pieces were painted with assistance with a helper.

Since the pieces were mostly painted with dry brushing I let my daughter help me out.  I am pretty happy with them and can now cover roughly a 30" square with dense multi-level terrain.  My daughter had a blast helping daddy and even though I could have knocked them out in one evening and instead they took three it was well worth it. Here's a look at the completed stuff.

I also took some time to put together a LOS blocking building using some extra Cities of Death terrain.  I had an extra un-assembled Administratum building kit that I used to make a small chapel.  I will be adding some stained glass to it once its painted. I used some of the ruble pieces to help center the door and then used push molds to fill them in.  I am hoping to get it primed up and painted this week and then do a big run on the stuff that I have assembled but badly damaged next week.  

I spent most of this week knocking out the other commission I took at the same time as the Falchion, an Ultramarines Fire Raptor.  The kit was a huge pain to put together, some of the pieces literally did not fit where they were supposed to.  The rear top was probably the worst it took 2 hours of filing/fitting to get it mostly right and while it is not noticeable at a glance it is defiantly skewed and off center looking.  The problem is to right the skew I have to make it look more off center and to make it line up on on the sides I would have to skew the tail even more.  This kit has defiantly got me wondering about the supposed high standards of Forgeworld products.  Overall the customer is very happy with the final product so I guess its still a win though I almost feel bad at charging him for the work, though I am working for about half of what he has been paying others since I mainly take commissions to work on projects that don't end up on my pile.

This week has also been a huge win as far as selling some stuff.  I manged to sell off the extra Chaos Space Marine stuff I had, the Martian half of the Mars Attacks KS, and about 40 un-assembled unpainted skeletons and zombies.  I used the funds to purchase the re-release of Necromunda.  I already have the Escher gang assembled and up for priming as well as 2 more models for my Beastmen.  

This week's goal is to get that stuff painted as well as the Chapel, until next time Happy Hobbying all.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Weeks 19: Of Commissions and Charity

Another late post but at least its not a week late this time.  I made some progress on my mountain this week and also finished a commission.  My progress this week was finishing up some models that I started back during the Konor Campaign, mainly the last 10 of my Space Marine Terminators.  I also finished up another Rhino I had base coated at some point.  I also started working my 2nd set of Shadow War Armageddon  Terrain. 

I also knocked out a commission  for the same guy I painted up the Guilliman for.  The model was a Falchion Super heavy tank.  It was fun to build and paint and I think it turned out pretty awesome.  The gentleman was very happy with the finished product and even fielded it the next day at a tourney.

Speaking of Tournaments I also participated in the same one.  The event was a Food Bank Charity event.  The entry fee was nonperishable food with the option of earning cheats for additional donations.  I had a pretty good time even though I ma pretty sure I finished 2nd to last.  I brought my Chaos Renegades supported by my Renegade Knight.  The list did okay but defiantly highlighted the weakness to the current Renegades and Heretics Army list.  MY Militia were WAY over coasted and pretty much failed to accomplish anything of note.  Managing to kill only 5 Tau drones during the entire course of he campaign.  The other models managed to hold up their own with the Leman Russ Exterminator working far better than I expected.

My main focus this week is to knock out the Shadow War Terrain as well as some other smaller terrain projects.   I have some buildings that I purchased form the original release of the plastic buildings by GW back in 2006.  I have started to paint them previously but was pretty unhappy with the final product.  My hope is that before the end of the year I will have these completed.  Well that is all for now Happy Hobbying all.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Weeks 16-18: Overcoming Disappointment

So its been awhile since I managed my weekly post, I attempted to knock out one through the mobile Blogger App but it failed miserably.  Though that is not the disappointment I am referring to in the title.  I have been working over the last couple of weeks to finish my Armies on Parade entry.  I had completed the last few models and then logged on to Facebook to check when the event started.  The first post on their page was  made 12 hours  before to state that Armies on Parade had just started.  Despite having talked to the employee 3 times prior and being told it was on Nov. 5th he had changed it with no notification outside the store to the 4th,  Needless to say I as a little angry but also I am crushed.  Of all the events GW puts on over the course of the year this is the one I am most excited about and have the greatest desire to participate in and this is the 2nd time I have been screwed out of it by a store employee.  So here are several pictures of my entries and some WIP shots of some of the last models for it.

The previous weeks progress was pretty much painting up the Grey Knights for the team tournament.  I got them done and while at the store took a group shot of all of my Grey Knight stuff as well as the last shot being my force for the Tournament.  That is all for now I am not sure what next week will bring as far as projects go.  Until next time Happy Hobbying.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

6MMRC 2017 Week 15: Continuing the Journey

 Another blog post in on time, though less progress then I would have liked.  Turns out I had used up all my primer previously and hadn't realized till I tired to prime this weeks models.  So anyways I still managed to get the stuff assembled last week mostly done this week.  That's 4 Beastmen Renegades and the Inquisitor and retinue for my Armies on Parade board.  That just leaves the board itself to finish and I managed to get that primed, and the texture paint applied.  So over all short post these week but the task is almost wrapped up.

As yo next week, we sold just about everything at the Gamer's Garage Sale that left us with $369 in credit.  Since I had sold about 56 models I had little qualms about using the credit to pick up a box of Grey Knight Terminators and a Brother Captain Stern to finish out my Grey Knights for the upcoming Team tournament, this weeks progress will be mostly geared towards the Terminators and finishing up the board.