Sunday, August 6, 2017

6MMRC Week 5: The Mountain is Crumbling Slowly.

So Bam another week down.  I managed to get all the stuff I primed and airbrushed mostly done this week.  I still need to do the bases on he Terminators and forgot to put the Dreadnaught in the picture but he is done. Also I am getting a little bit better at working the new camera at least with the light box.  I don't have any in progress shots this week, I didn't get much assembly done.  This weeks goal is two Land Raider Crusaders, another Dreadnaught with Autocannon Conversion, and a Land Speeder. 

So this will be a rough week for progress, as I am taking some vacation time and this week is very busy.  Next week I will have some more free time and hope to catch up then.  That's all for now and Happy Hobbying.

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